Best CCTV Camera For Home In India 2022

In a 2016 survey, about 600 theft cases per 100,000 inhabitants were reported in India. With alarming theft rates around the world, Installing a security camera for your home is very crucial.

Best CCTV Camera For Home

It often becomes tedious as a beginner to pick up the best and affordable security camera for your home. Do have a look into the buying guide for the best CCTV camera at the end of the article to get a thorough understanding of the features and technologies of various models. If you are looking for the best CCTV camera for your home, check the options listed below.

1) MI 360° 1080P Full HD security camera

Mi 360° Home Security Camera 1080P l Full HD Picture l AI...

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The 360° head rotation enables full protection for your house. With a 96° vertical view and 360° horizontal view, the camera rotates smoothly and captures the entire view.

This is an IP based network camera with intelligent optimization, it accurately alerts and notifies on your phone. It has an additional SD slot with about 64 GB storage to store and get access to your videos. It can be placed on a ceiling, wall, table, and reverse installation is also possible.

The infrared night vision enables you to monitor your house even when you are asleep.


  • High-resolution camera (20 Megapixels)
  • Motion detection alert 
  • Inbuilt WIFI
  • Works with Google Assistant or Alexa 


  • Not suitable for outdoors
  • No storage support in the cloud


The IP network camera with high-quality video resolution has 2- way audio Intercom and night vision features. A V380 mobile app is available for lifetime free access to control your camera from anywhere in the world.

The strong magnet in the base allows it to be mounted anywhere in the ceiling or table. It can be connected to any power bank so that it works even without electricity. The pack comes with a USB cable, 5V 2A adapter, and a manual.


  • Can be used in absence of electricity 
  • Easy to install and use
  • Value for money 


  • Night Vision is average 
  • WIFI connectivity is weak.


MI Full HD WiFi Up to 32ft Night Vision with Intruder Alert,...

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The 130° ultra-wide-angle lens, the camera covers even the minute details of your house. An advanced motion detection sensor helps to prevent false alarms. Connecting Wi-Fi is very simple which response well with weaker signals also.

The video footage can be stored in the cloud for about seven days. You can view recorded videos in smartphones and tablets with a playback speed of about 16x.


  • Affordable 
  • Great camera input 
  • Intelligent motion detection
  • Smart design


  • Absence of color palette in night vision
  • The video can be blurry sometimes.

4) ZYSK -G- Vison CCTV camera

Zysk No Wifi 1080p HD Bullet Camera with Day & Night Vision,...

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This is the analog camera made from plastic with 18 smart  LED’s. It is compatible with all DVR with 1080P output. The footage can be viewed online through the DVR based app on your smartphone. This is a wired camera that requires installation after purchase. The faces or objects can be clearly seen even if they are 7-8 meters away.


  • Value for money
  • Good picture quality 
  • Strong night vision 


  • No WIFI
  • Made of plastic

5) QUBO Smart Home Security Camera

QUBO Smart Outdoor Security WiFi Camera (Black) from Hero...

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The 24×7 live monitoring with 1080P camera and ultra-wide 110° lenses ensures high-quality capture of videos. Body protection level of IP 65 comes with weather-resistant technology making it suitable for both outdoors and indoors 

The captured footage can be stored in the micro SD card with a maximum of 128 GB storage. The advanced face detection capabilities easily alert and notify when a person is detected.

It has a strong Infrared night vision for up to 6 meters. The smart Baby cry alert option instantly notifies you whenever your baby is found crying. The installation and usage are very easy.


  • Can be used for both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to use
  • The higher resolution of the video 
  • Easy storage of captured videos in the cloud
  • Weather-resistant ( waterproof)


  • Quite expensive 


D3D 826 (1920x1080P) 2 0MP Alexa Enabled | Face Detection |...

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This is a WIFI smart camera with highly advanced Artificial Intelligence of face detection, motion detection, and abnormal sound detection.

The security camera has an inbuilt siren facility which can be activated through the mobile app. It provides the facility of multiple users to operate the camera with proper password protection. The advanced 360° PTZ technology can be controlled using a laptop or a smartphone. You can also control the camera using the Alexa Echo device.

Based on the DDN algorithm, it smoothly identifies human faces on your phone. D3D unique features support additional switches and plugs to upgrade your gone security system. The smart tracking feature easily tracks the movement of a person or object.


  • Stronger night vision
  • Easy smart features
  • The higher resolution of videos
  • Best for outdoors



  • Poor auto rotation
  • False face detection

7) Zoook eagle security camera

Zoook Eagle Cam 2MP (1920x1080P) Wi-Fi Wireless IP Home...

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The full 1080p high-resolution camera provides outstanding quality of pictures both in daylight and during the night. Zoook security camera has an inbuilt microphone to contact your family members even when you are away from home.

The direction can be controlled by just sliding the angle through the mobile app. The digital zoom feature allows enlarging the pictures. The high sensitive motion sensor sends an alarm alert to your connected device instantly. It can be easily connected to other google devices kike Alexa and Echo. It has seven varieties of notifications and ringtones to choose from.


  • Takes less storage space to store
  • Option to change notification sounds
  • Better picture and video quality 
  • Stylish design


  • Low-quality microphone


ZEBRONICS ZEB-HA2NW10M-PT-HYB Home Security Camera...

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This security camera with advanced motion tracking technology is best suited for a durable one-time investment. The PTZ feature promotes high-quality capture of videos and pictures. It can be connected with multiple network devices like laptops or a smartphone.

It comes with an automatic IR cut switch after monitoring for 24 hours. The infrared vision helps monitoring at night without any hustle. The push 10-second feature sends a video clip of 10 seconds against the motion detection feature. The two-way communication with a built-in microphone allows contacting with your kids and family members anytime.


  • High-quality microphone 
  • Easy installation
  • Good quality video


  • Works only with strong network signals

9) CP Plus Intelligent home PT camera

CP PLUS Intelligent Home PT Camera with Cloud Remote Viewing...

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The pan and tilt feature allows a 360-degree coverage of the surroundings. It can be connected to a local WIFI easily in just a few steps.

You can get access to the footage from anywhere on your smartphone. The high resolution 1080p brings out greater picture quality with a wide dynamic range where even minute details in the background are easily visible.


  • High-quality picture.
  • Well functioning motion alert
  • Higher storage capacity 
  • Stronger night vision.


  • Not weather resistant.
  • Not suitable for outdoors.

Buyer’s Guide for Home CCTV Camera

Picking the best CCTV camera for a  home that satisfies all your needs require a lot of patience and knowledge about their features. Some of the basic characteristics of a security camera are listed below which everyone should keep in mind before buying.

1. Type of data transmission

Deciding to buy an  Analog or Internet Protocol (IP) Network camera depends on how the data transmission happens. An Analog type camera is only a video capture device from which data is transmitted over a coaxial cable to the digital video recorder. This processes the data making it able to watch in live mode through DVR and edit through any networking devices like a laptop or smartphone.

For the network type, the camera is a video capturing device and a processor that decodes the footage into a digital file and transmits it to other network devices. It is an all in one device which captures, processes, and transmits. 

2. Installation

After you have decided on the type of camera that suits you, the next point to consider is the installation spot. All the surveillance cameras are primarily divided into Outdoor and Indoor. Earlier, it was a clear body type division- Bullet type for outdoors and dome type for indoors. The variety of forms offered is huge. The feature that distinct indoor cameras from outdoor cameras are body protection levels. 

IP ingress protection is the parameter that varies from IP 002 to IP 69, where the first digit stands for dust tightness or intrusion protection and the second digit for rain, water, wind, and snow resistance. Mostly, the Outdoor type starts with IP 66. Another feature to consider is the Vandal resistance rating. This is the power impact applied to the cameras. The higher number is, the bigger the impact power your camera has.

3. Material

Another confusion arises with the plastic or the metal body for your camera. The plastic ones are often cheaper than the metal type for indoors and outdoors but it won’t even stand a small stone or rock thrown to it.

It generally matters more unless you install your camera at a higher spot with a higher body protection level greater than IP66.

4. Cost

Analog cameras are 1.5 times cheaper than Network cameras, but it is mandatory to have a DVR in pair with it. Another advantage of the analog camera is that you can view the video directly in the DVR without any delay. In the case of the network camera, it takes time to process and decode captured video into a digital file. 

That is the reason why network cameras are expensive. They are smarter. The coaxial cable length for analog cameras can reach up to 100 meters length and sometimes 500 meters without any losses. Whereas the twisted cable of the IP system reaches up to 100 meters only. The greatest advantage of the network type is the large range of smart functionality. 

A large and modern video surveillance system can only be made by network type. IP cameras range provides you with higher resolution and a better image.

5. Additional features / Smart functions:

WIFI indoors and outdoors cameras are a better option unless there are typical weather conditions like rain, storm, or snow which can interfere with the video connection and quality. It is more suitable for areas with more stable weather conditions.

The alarm-siren built-in cameras are great for outdoor use and commonly have greater IP body protection rates but they require a lot of power.

PIR (Passive infrared sensor) is used for motion detection that is able to distinguish body temperature more accurately than a software motion detector or pixel change image detection.

The deadly powered camera which is completely wireless combined with WIFI is a modern option to consider.

The Pant tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras are able to move lands from zero to 90° vertically and zero to 360° horizontally. The mechanical focus angle can dynamically change the range and zoom in or out without hindering the quality.

Night vision is another important feature to look at outdoor and indoor cameras. It is obvious to expect higher night vision distance in outdoor cameras.

Face detection, abnormal sound detection, line crossing detection, and motion detection are some of the smart options to consider for an outdoor camera.


You will find a number of varieties of surveillance cameras in the market. Investing in a product that determines the safety of your home and your property must be taken very seriously. Looking into the features thoroughly that will suit your needs will land you picking the best CCTV camera for your home.

Easy installation and affordability are some essential qualities that are worth pondering on. It is however better to consult a professional to get in-depth knowledge about the smart functions. In most of the cases, people end up buying cameras that have advanced smart functions that are never used on a daily basis. The only key is to conduct thorough research on all the features and decide the best and affordable CCTV camera for your home.

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