Best CCTV Cameras in India of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Living and working in today’s busy world has made it a hard job to keep our surroundings safe. But with the advancement of technology and the developing research and inventions, securing our place has become way comfortable and simple. You can now rely on digital gadgets like CCTV cameras for all the safety requirements.

Fortunately, securing our environment isn’t burning our pockets with expenses anymore, as CCTV’s does it all. They are pretty inexpensive and effective these days. All you need is a strong network to monitor the screen, and your job is done.

Best CCTV Camera In India

To help you find a perfect and the best CCTV camera in India. Here, we have curated the list with our profound research on the best CCTV cameras for you.

1) Sricam SP Series SP005

Sricam SP Series Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV [Watch Live Demo...

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This camera is predominately the best pick amongst the ones available in the market. Sricam SP Series SP005 can be installed effortlessly and has no hassles. With its wall mounting support, the camera can be installed in any nook or corner of the surrounding. The SP series can complement any smartphone or tablet. Therefore you can inspect your surroundings from any place in the world.

This camera also comes with an inbuilt microphone that helps you listen to the audio of your surroundings. The camera arrives with some of the best features like 720p or 1080p high-resolution and 365° tilting ability which helps you invigilate every corner of the place as it rotates vertically and horizontally. It has the night vision ability and motion detector advancement along with the capacity to hold up to 128 GB SD cards. The camera can be accessed with its respective app.


  • Worth the price
  • It has a motion detector
  • Night vision ability
  • SD slot and two-way audio


  • Requires a great internet connection for accessing the audio.
  • Might encounter noise suppression

2) ThinkValue T8855

ThinkValue T8855 Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security...

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This T8855 HD security camera is also a great choice as a CCTV. It has some of the most exclusive and amazing features compared to the rest of the products. With the ease of USP installing this CCTV camera is extremely easy and quick. It holds up to 128GB storing memory and offers you two varied options for recording.

One is the usual recording where the visuals are recorded every time the other one is alarm recording, which only occurs when there is any motion detected by the camera. Its night vision facility ensures you have vision up to 16 feet when the environment is pitch dark.

You can have remote access through your 4G network on your smartphone. It also has the feature of two-way communication, where you can listen to the environment’s audio as well as talk through your camera.


  • Has efficient movement detector
  • Has amazing camera resolution
  • Clear images
  • Has remote control capability


  • The storage space is just satisfactory as 24/7 recording cannot be afforded by a 128GB SD card.

3) Finicky World V380

FINICKY-WORLD V380 HD CCTV Wireless IP Security Camera Dual...

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This model of Finicky World is a perfect match and pick to use in your working environment. This one is extremely simple and takes less time in installation. Like the rest, monitoring can be done through the specific app that you can download on your tablet or smartphones. It has a storage capacity of 64 GB and a resolution of 720p.

It also provides you a clear screening during the dark with its night vision feature up to 16 feet. The camera comes with the feature of two ways of communication, where you can listen to the audio as well as speak through the camera.


  • It provides night vision
  • Offers premium quality of recordings and images
  • Offers absolute rotation monitoring


  • The camera only has a storage of 64 GB which is insufficient
  • Has average sound quality
  • Doesn’t support 5G network

4) D-Link Marvel

D-Link DCS-F1712 2MP HD Day and Night Fixed Bullet Camera...

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All the products by D-Link are of superior quality and smart. This D-Link marvel DCS- F1712 is one of their best ones. It captures 1080p HD quality videos and images and is great for outdoor use. Unlike the others, this camera doesn’t move 365°

It’s fixed in place and shoots a single spot or location. This can be a perfect pick for parking lots, malls, apartments which have 24/7 surveillance. The camera lens is of 3.6 mm which assists by capturing images of a wide spot. The camera is compact, light-weighted, and comes in white color only.


  • The camera is worth the money
  • Gives a wider view of an area
  • Capable for night use
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Has no flexible rotation, needs manual adjustments to be made.
  • The camera cannot be controlled for remote areas.

5) MI 360° security camera

Mi 360° Home Security Camera 1080P l Full HD Picture l AI...

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The MI 360° CCTV camera is absolutely compact, captivating, and smart. It offers brilliant reliable features and has great WiFi connecting support with 1080p high-resolution HD. The camera is capable of rotating itself 360° horizontally and 96° vertically. It provides colored visuals which are free from infrared illumination that is restricted with B/W screen.

The feature of its theft alert is amazing. It alerts you when there’s an intruder detection. The camera has a NAS (Network Attached Storage) option where all the videos get stored to NAS from the SD card. It offers two-way communication and can be tilted flexibly by yourself. Its app provides you an option to view the screen while you’re working with or playing games on your phone. This model is available in white color only.


  • Provides a colored view
  • The camera is worth the price
  • Has remote managing feature
  • The camera can be installed without professional assistance


  • It only rotates 96° vertically
  • Requires good and fast internet connection
  • Consumes a large amount of data


It’s evident that the Godrej band is absolutely rich with its inventions and the quality of their products. The Godrej Security See-Thru CCTV camera is another masterpiece by them. This one is again a dominating piece in the market. This one is the best pick if you’re looking for a CCTV for both your residential and office needs.

It is a kit of six cameras, two are the bullet camera and the rest are dome in shape. It offers a 1080p resolution that provides great quality recording. Its camera substantiates IP and analog cameras. This camera also has multiple features like a motion detector, HD IR vision, and motional rotators.


  • Provides premium quality images
  • A set of six camera severs for all your indoor and outdoor needs
  • A compact security solution


  • The kit is a little expensive
  • The installation of the camera needs professional assistance
  • There’s no natural process for monitoring the visuals

7) CP Plus Intelli

CP Plus Intelli Eye Full HD CCTV Camera Kit 2 2mp Dome, 2...

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After Godrej, this one is the best pick for your CCTV needs. CP Plus Intelli is a kit that has four cameras where two are the fixed bullet camera, and two are dome ones. It provides high-resolution images and videos with its 1080p HD resolution. The camera has up to 1TB storage capacity.

With its two-megapixel camera quality, it gives clear pictures even during the night times. It also has four channels for power supplies. The camera comes in white color only.


  • It provides premium quality surveillance system
  • Offers clear and fine images even during the dark
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor areas


  • Heavy
  • Needs professional assistance for installation
  • HDMI quality is not substantiated

8) Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T

HIKVISION Infrared 1080p FHD 2MP Outdoor Security Camera,...

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The Hikvision outdoor camera arrives with a 1080p high-resolution camera. It is a fixed bullet camera. It has a two-megapixel camera that provides high-quality pictures. It supports analog outputs. The camera rotates 360° with flexibility and consumes extremely minimal power. The IR range of this camera is up to 20 meters. It offers perfect night vision even when its pitch dark.


  • It’s incredibly light weighted
  • The camera offers premium quality images
  • The camera is worth the money
  • Consumes less power supply


  • The structure is made of plastic which is not strong
  • It only operates with android

Buying Guide for Best CCTV Camera In India

Purchasing a CCTV camera can be complicated when you’re not sure of what you desire. Also, planning to ask the salesperson to help you with the best one can make it even worse as he throws detailed lights and stunts you with the choices.

In the end, he successfully convinces you with his sweet words to buy the expensive one for his excellent sale. Thus, you need to pay great attention while selecting a CCTV camera. To help you with a decent way to buy one, we’ve thrown light on certain specific features and points you need to keep in mind while purchasing a CCTV camera.

1- Budget 

Budget is one of the most essential aspects to keep in mind while purchasing anything. Make sure your budget is appropriately planned.

2- Type of camera you’re hunting for 

There are various characteristics in a camera you need to check about. So, there are two categories in it: One with the manual Irish and the other is auto Irish.

The manual Irish cameras are fixed and can only concentrate on a single area or spot. These are usually found on analog cameras. The auto Irish cameras have the capacity to spectate a wide area or spot by changing its focusing point automatically.

3- Decide the location 

Decide where the camera has to be set up whether it’s for your indoor needs or outdoors. It’s self-explanatory that the indoor camera is used at home, warehouses, restaurants, and so on. The need for an outdoor camera is at offices, departmental stores, traffic signals, and so on.

4- Based on the camera resolution 

High-resolution cameras are usually used for outdoor needs. Low lightning cameras which are used in the indoors and outdoors. Infrared lighting cameras, these are often used in the dark for a better view.

5- Based on application 

You can find a special application camera for underwater surveillance, defense surveillance. Network IP camera, they arrive with some of the IP protocols and features that might not be seen on the usual camera. B/W cameras are the common ones which are usually found often.


With this, we’ve come to the end of this article and we’re sure you know have the adequate knowledge about the best CCTV cameras in India and their features. Our buying guide will assist you in finding the best one for your needs. We hope this article has helped you get your good CCTV camera.

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