Best Point And Shoot Camera of 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide

The world of photography and videography is constantly evolving and nowadays, most people prefer compact cameras to snap images and shoot videos. However, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are still a great option but they are too bulky to carry along. This is the point where point and shoot cameras take over.

Best Point And Shoot Camera

They can take amazing high-quality photos and videos and you can easily slip them in your pocket. Here we have picked out the best point and shoot camera that you could buy in 2022. So without wasting a minute, let’s hop into it.

1) Canon PowerShot SX430

Canon PowerShot SX430 IS 20MP Digital Camera with 45x...

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Canon is one of the leading companies in the camera industry. They are well-recognized for making high-quality DSLRs and point and shoot cameras. This PowerShot SX430 from Canon is a perfect blend of functionality and versatility. Equipped with a 20MP sensor and 45X zoom, this model ensures excellent, high-definition pictures. It comes with Canon’s color scheme, so you could also expect crisp and good looking videos.

This camera features a very compact design, which makes it extremely portable. You can record 1080p videos with it and the 3 inch LCD screen makes it perfect for outdoor usage. Coming to connectivity options, it is loaded with WIFI and NFC facility, which helps you share your creation instantly with your internet audience.


  • You can shoot up to 1080p videos
  • It comes at a cost-effective price
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Great zoom range and picture quality


  • Average battery life
  • No flip-out screen is available

2) Fujifilm Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera (Sky Blue)

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Fujifilm has been in the market for many years now and it is known for making both high-end and low-end cameras. This point and shoot camera from Fujifilm is different from all other point and shoot cameras. It is an instant print camera, which means it won’t click digital photos instead it will provide your print copy of it. The printing process of this camera is very fast, so you can be sure that you will get the best printing experience.

Due to its amazing features and functionality, it is praised by many people who love vintage cameras. It is the perfect combination of versatility and portability. All the functions are very easy to use, so even if you have never held an instant camera, you won’t have issues operating it.


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Clicks high-quality pictures
  • Easy to use and operate


  • Lacks zoom feature
  • No video recording support

3) Sony DSC-H300/BC

Sony DSC-H300/BC E32 Cyber-Shot Point & Shoot Digital Camera...

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There is no doubt that all Sony cameras are of great quality but this Sony’s camera caught people’s attention for its amazing price. Along with providing advanced features, this time Sony has also prioritize affordability. It features a body like a DSLR camera without having any extra weight. The 20.1 MP sensor given in this model is perfect for taking pictures in all conditions. And to increase its functionality, 35x zoom is also given.

With this camera, you can take 350-degree panorama shots very conveniently. You will get to see a lot of premium features in this model. For example- it comes with a feature called Steadyshot, which helps you take pictures even in low light conditions. You can shoot 720p videos in this camera and it also gives you the freedom to change settings as per your needs.


  • Comes with an amazing zoom range
  • The 20.1MP sensor gives crisp images
  • Very convenient to carry
  • Loaded with many useful features


  • 1080p video recording is not available
  • Battery life is average

4) Canon IXUS 190

Canon IXUS 190 20 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom...

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If you are searching a for branded point and shoot camera at a budget-friendly cost, then you will love this IXUS 190 from Canon. It comes with 10x optical zoom and a 20 MP sensor, which helps you capture beautiful high-quality pictures. The equivalent focal length of this camera’s zoom lens if 24-240mm and it is also loaded with the great Canon’s image processing mechanism.

To make the transfer of the files easier, NFC and WIFI connectivity options are given. So if you love sharing your content with the world, then this camera will enable you to do that in just a few clicks. One great thing that makes it different from others is its electronic stabilization mechanism. This helps you record videos and shoot images even when the grip is not stable.


  • Comes with 10x optical zoom and 20 MP sensor
  • User-friendly interface
  • The build quality is superb
  • Features a compact design


  • Body shape could be better
  • The battery is not the best

5) Sony DSC-W830/S Cybershot

Sony DSC-W830/S Cybershot 20.1MP Point & Shoot Digital...

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This Sony point and shoot camera is very popular for its compactness and price range. It features a 1/2.3 inch HAD CCD sensor, which helps you take wonderful shots in dim light conditions. Loaded with a 20.1 MP camera ad 8x zoom lens, this camera never disappoints when it comes to clicking high-definition pictures. With this camera, you can record videos at 720p at 30fps, which is perfect for all occasions.

Just like other Sony cameras, this model also has the Steadyshot feature that makes your videos smoother. It comes with a lot of premium Sony software features like sweep panorama, intelligent auto photo mode, picture effects, etc.  All these things make it a perfect pick in this price range.


  • One of the budget-friendly cameras
  • Great battery backup
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with 8x zoom


  • No grip is placed in the body
  • Average zoom range

6) Canon PS G7 X Mark III

Canon POWERSHOT G7 X Mark III Digital Camera, Black...

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This Canon PS G1 X Mark III is a perfect option for people who want the functionality of a DSLR in a compact camera. As you know that most point and shoot cameras come with a small sensor but that’s not the case with one. This time, Canon has loaded this compact camera with an APS-C sensor, which is generally used in DSLRs. It means that you now will get to witness the efficiency of a DSLR in a highly-compact body.

Another great thing about this camera is that it comes with a touchscreen interface along with an electronic viewfinder. However, the zoon range is not average at 24-72mm but that doesn’t make any difference in its performance.


  • Comes with a big sensor
  • The touchscreen control as very responsive
  • Compact body design


  • Limited zoom range

7) Sony RX100 VII

Sony RX100M7 Premium Compact Camera with 1.0-Type Stacked...

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This Sony RX100 VII is on the premium side and only suitable for professionals. It is a high-end camera camera that gives tough competition to big DSLRs. Despite having a compact body, this model is loaded with almost all features that you get to see in DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

It features an advanced autofocus camera that captures moving objects with ease. It also utilizes the Face and EYE AF, even in video recording mode. This makes it a great tool for shooting action scenes and sports videos. Though if you want to take benefit of all these amazing features, then you will have to spend more as it comes at a higher price.


  • Extraordinary auto-focus system
  • Can shoot lovely videos
  • Features a sleek design


  • Very expensive

List Of Best Point And Shoot Camera

Buying Guide for Best Point And Shoot Camera

With the rise of new brands and models in the market, finding a good point and shoot camera has become extremely complicated. The market is full of different options but that doesn’t mean every unit will be able to fulfill your needs. So if you are planning to a point and shoot camera, then keep these factors given below in your mind.

Camera Megapixels

Camera megapixels is an important factor that you should consider. Now if you think that more megapixels is equal to better quality pictures, then you are highly mistaken. A camera with more megapixels will capture a larger image that is suitable for editing purposes and the picture will also be of a larger size.

The sensors installed in a point and shoot camera have a higher impact on picture clarity, especially when you are shooting in dark conditions.

Compact Camera Zoom

Point and shoot cameras are available with two types of zooms, digital zoom, and optical zoom. That’s why you should know which type of zoom would be perfect for your needs. For example- the digital zoom has the ability to zoom longer but the image quality is not the best.

However, some cameras come with optical zoom with increased digital zoom. So if zoom lenses are your priority, then you should consider optical.

Optical Image Stabilization

If you love taking pictures at night, then optical image stabilization is a critical factor that you should look for. As you know when you shoot in light conditions, a camera functions at a slower shutter speed to gain more exposure. Sometimes this causes blurred images, even if you have a sturdy grip.

Image stabilization (IS) and sensor movement are two main mechanisms that help you in these kinds of situations. IS adjusts the position of the lens while the sensor movement adjusts the sensor position to prevent unexpected shakes.

Flip Screen

You should also consider which type of rear display would be better for you. Some cameras have fixed displays, while some come with adjustable flip screens. The main benefit of having a flip screen is that it helps you take pictures from awkward angles.

You could easily articulate them, which makes them perfect for selfies and vlogging videos. Nowadays, touchscreen display is also available, so if you want more convenience, then you may consider that too.

Viewfinder Feature

The viewfinder is a great feature that helps you compose in bright conditions. Nowadays, some point and shoot cameras come with an LCD screen but it is best to opt for a unit that has some kind of viewfinder in it.

Shooting Modes

No matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, shooting modes help you elevate the level of your shots. They make your pictures look more professional and attractive. Point and shoot cameras come with various shooting modes, so you could reach your potential. This feature identifies a scene automatically, which saves you from the need to change settings.

WIFI Options

Gone are those days when you needed USB cables and other external devices to transfer your files. Now point and shoot cameras are equipped with WIFI connectivity options, which enables you to transfer your files directly to your social media handles.

Along with this, there is another feature called NFC available in some models. This feature allows you to send your image to your mobile device, so you could easily preview them before sharing.


If you are someone who loves to take their camera to beach vacations and water sporting events, then you should consider this factor. Some companies provide options with waterproofing abilities, so even if the unit gets in contact with water, it won’t get damaged.

These types of point and shoot cameras also come with protection against freezing temperature, shocks, and pressure, which makes them perfect for adventure tours.


Point and shoot cameras are of great use when you want to click beautiful pictures but have enough space to store a DSLR. These mini soldiers have many advantages in terms of versatility, portability, convenience and they also don’t break your bank.

In short, if you are not a professional and want a camera that works efficiently, then a point and shoot camera will never disappoint you. All the models mentioned above come from a reputed brand, so you can have peace of mind that you are getting a good deal.

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