Best Spy Cameras In India of 2022 – Expert Reviews

Spy cameras have always played an essential role in our lives. They have helped us in multiple aspects and undoubtedly added the required security to our environment. While we talk about spy cameras, it does sound a little suspicious, but installing one in your environment can help you avoid theft activities.

Best Spy Cameras

With the increasing crime rates globally, it’s always a smart choice to opt for a good spy camera to maintain peace and safety. So to help you find some of the best spy cameras, here we’ve scrutinized all the products with their pros and cons along with some other important information.

1) IFITech HD Mini

IFITech Wi-Fi 1080p HD 100° Viewing Area Hidden Camera,...

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Ifitech spy camera is a mini wireless camera that functions with wifi. This model can be used both for indoor or outdoor purposes. It has a 1080p resolution camera with a digital storage of 32 or can go up to 128 GB SD card. The camera runs on a battery, which can be charged with a tiny cable and it also supports night vision.

The battery power support of this camera works up to 60 minutes when completely charged. The camera supports a 100° view with its infrared lenses. It can also provide you clear and sharp images with 60 frames in a second.

You can connect it to your wifi and watch the visuals live or record it in your storage. To access the camera, you need to install the app, which is supported by both Android and IOS.


  • The camera is weatherproof
  • The company offers 24/7 services
  • The camera has a magnetic back


  • It only captures up to a distance of 16 feet.
  • The storage capacity isn’t enough for 24/7 recording.

2) SPY 360 Hidden Camera

SPY 360 Full HD Wireless Mini Spy USB Cam, Outdoor/Indoor...

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This SPY 360 model  is one of the best body cameras. It comes with an a fast charging mechanism, and its battery can be changed flexibly. It provides an HD resolution of 1080p and the camera lens has the ability to record footages for 35 min.  It has a great power capacity of three ounces along with a good 32GB storage.

Its motion sensor can record both the video and audio of the visuals when required. The camera has the ability to move up to a 90° angle and also acts as a card reader. You can use this on your clothes, ceiling, as it’s convenient. With the help of this camera, you can capture a wide visually. It has a metallic surface and the ability to function smoothly in all conditions, so you can be sure that property will be protected every time.


  • The camera can be installed easily
  • It is convenient to operate
  • The battery of this camera lasts up to thirty hours


  • It does not support night vision
  • No live streaming
  • You cannot connect the camera with wifi


FREDI HD PLUS 1080p Full HD 53-65 Degree Viewing Area...

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The FREDI HD Plusis an efficient glasses spy camera. The camera comes along with a rechargeable battery. It provides a complete resolution of 1080p and can shoot videos with great voice or audio quality.

The micro SD card supports up to 16GB of storage. The camera gives you the option to connect it to your gadgets with a cable. The video from this spy camera can run with ten minutes of recording.

However, apart from being a stylish spy glasses, it has a certain drawback, which can make it a hard buy. The camera has the capacity to develop thirty frames within a second.


  • It has hands free video recording
  • It records videos with an automatic noose
  • It’s super stylish
  • It requires just a tap to start recording


  • It does not work great in low light
  • The angle of the glasses are not accurate
  • The camera doesn’t provide night vision

4) M MHB WiFi Wall Cloc

M MHB WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera Full HD 1920 * 1080...

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This fantastic wall clock model by AMCSXH is an efficient spy camera. Apart from showing you the time and date, it can be used anywhere in the office or in your residence. It offers 1080p resolution, detects motion and offers a complete 90° angle view. The clock nevertheless functions on an AA battery, but you can connect it to wire for periodic functions and operations.


  • Supports wifi
  • The camera clock is incredibly handy
  • Recorded videos can be checked anytime
  • It has an amazing battery backup capacity


  • The clock appearance is fundamental

5) JOKIN WiFi Hidden Spy

JOKIN WiFi Hidden Spy UFO Wireless Smoke Detector Camera...

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Jokin launched a hidden camera with a smoke detector which is one of the smart picks. This camera can be used for indoor purposes and it provides a resolution of 1080p. This appearance of this camera is just like a smoke detector but does effective spying work.

The camera does not have any in-build battery, so you will have to keep charging it with your laptop or adaptor. It has the capacity to store memory up to 64GB.

It is worth the price and a great buy if you’re looking for something that lets you have a check on your loved ones at home. The camera allows you to spectate live recordings when needed. It also provides you with notifications.


  • Has an excellent motion detector
  • Live recordings can be checked anytime.
  • Connects best with wifi


  • The appearance of this product is basic
  • Does not support night vision

6) Joyal Hidden Camera

Jayol Mini Spy WiFi, 1080P Hidden Camera Upgraded Night...

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This model of the hidden camera by Joyal is tiny in size as it fits in a speaker. This camera acts as additional security for your surveillance. It is extremely small in size but provides 1080p resolution. It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes like your cars, office, homes, and so on.

This camera provides amazing quality visuals, so you can be sure that you will get good quality images and videos. It has a great battery backup and the view angle provided by this camera is up to 180°. It has an internal storage of up to 64 GB, which is more than enough. What makes this a great pick is that it can be operated by both iOS and Android.


  • The video has night vision
  • It is an inexpensive product
  • The camera can be installed easily
  • It can be affixed with a sticky pad


  • The camera does not provide clear audios in noisy conditions
  • Reading the user manual is difficult for the users

7) Alpha Tech iQ Charger

IFITech Wireless USB Charger Mini Hidden HD 1080P Camera...

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This spy camera by alpha tech is one of the best offline spy cameras. The appearance of this spy camera looks like a charger. According to its developers, no scanning can detect this spy camera as a charger is usually neglected. The storage card of the camera is removable.

Additionally, it also has the ability to act as a card reader, which records all the visuals. It has an amazing loop and motion sensor recording feature. Moreover, the video quality of this camera is also satisfactory. The camera offers a complete HD 1080p high resolution and provides clear images. This one can be used indoors as you can plug it anywhere you find a socket.


  • It’s extremely handy
  • The appearance looks like a USB charger
  • Can straight away record videos for two days
  • The micro SD card has a capacity from 4GB to 128 GB


  • No SD card is encompassed
  • It does not offer the night vision feature

8) Machpro® 5 MP HD

Machpro 5 MP HD Mini Magnetic Pen Camera

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This spy camera by Machprois one of the most versatile products. The spy camera is attached to the pen and can be used for indoor purposes. Though it has a basic look, the pen is extremely adaptable.

Activating the camera just takes a single tap. It offers visuals wide-angle rotation, which increases it functionality. Its micro SD card capacity is up to 32 GB and it can be adaptable by both Android and iOS users.  One can flexibly record their meetings or lectures or so on.

The camera delivers good quality audio and visual in the lighting. Additionally, it comes with a rotating lens. The camera has automated loop recording features and rules out the old videos which had been recorded. This pen also allows you to connect it with your PC or laptops.


  • The pen has a sleek look
  • It is extremely handy
  • It’s worth the money
  • Hassle-free utilization


  • It does not support live streaming
  • It does not support night vision

List Of Best Spy Camera

The Buyers Guide for Best Spy Camera

Buying a spying camera that fits all our needs requires a lot of scrutinizing and knowledge. Just in case you have no good idea about it, this makes it difficult for you to pick one. So here, we’ve mentioned some of the basic aspects you need to look into while purchasing a spy camera.

1- Preferences

While buying a spy camera, you should segregate your options according to how much you will be relying on it. Determine your budget and segment its value. Check if the memory of the camera is enough and whether it is versatile or not

2- Compatibility

While purchasing a camera you need to check if the camera supports both android and IOS. If you’re an iOS or Mac user, check if the camera is adaptable from IOS. As it might not be possible for you to track visuals if it isn’t compatible.

3- Environment

Make sure to consider the use of the spy camera whether you need it for your residence, warehouse, in a parking lot, apartment, and so on.

4- Recording

One of the main features is recording. Check if the camera has the option of self-recording, as it will make sure that recordings are going to be hassle-free and you don’t have to worry about it.

5- Usability

A good camera is mostly with the one which runs on battery. So check if the camera is AC powered or has a chargeable battery.

6- Night Vision

A good spy camera will also provide you with the feature of night vision. This feature will help you keep a track of all the visuals in the dark times and the dim lighting.

7- Micro SD card

Check whether the camera has a micro SD card option.  As most of the camera does have SD card options but if you’re looking for something which provides you with additional recording options then look out for this feature.

Final Verdict 

Here in this article, we’ve cited some of the best spy cameras you can pick or rely on with all their features, pros, and cons. You can certainly rely on our buyer’s guide to purchase your product. We’re sure that by reading this article, you now undoubtedly have some good knowledge about spy cameras and are confident enough to pick one that matches your desires.

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